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November 2006

Snow in the Mountains

Oh look, it's snowing in the mountains today. I think we'll go snowboarding in the morning...

Damn, that's just never going to get old...

We went on a lark on Sunday morning when we woke up and let the dogs out, and I checked the weather report and found out Loveland had just received new snow. Headed up there at 8:30, got there around 9:30 (damn Leif, having to stop and get an Egg McMuffin), and boarded for a few hours on fresh, ungroomed powder. It started snowing while we were there, which was still a lot of fun.

Loveland still only has 3 lifts open, but they had the snow cannons going (which they didn't really need to) and I'm guessing they'll open a few more very very soon. We hit all the runs on lift 2, having not done them before, only to discover that 2 of them had moguls. Moguls on a snowboard = bad. It sucks to attempt to go down the run, and hit the top of a mogul when you're on your heel edge, and you catch air like that, and there's just no possible way you're going to land it.

I shouldn't complain though, the resorts at Lake Tahoe aren't even open yet. :)

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Scaring People on Halloween

Much to Leif's chagrin, I put a nail in our front door, and put a Screamer on it for Halloween. It's a scary face that's motion activated, and he'll say stuff, and then at the end of whatever he's saying, his eyes light up and bug out, his mouth opens and he screams.

I'm having much more fun with this than I thought.

First off, we're getting a ton of kids at the house - we had to supplement our initial 10 bags of candy with extra Laffy Taffy that we had (which is ok, because it's sour Laffy Taffy and the neighborhood kids all told me to buy sour stuff when I asked them last week what candy I should get). After the first few little kids, the older ones (9-12) started coming. On one group, I got the bright idea to wait until the Screamer screamed, and at the same time open the door and scream real loudly too.

I did it a couple of times, and scared a few in the group, but the last group I hit pretty good.

I heard they were middle school kids coming up the walk (I can hear the groups from my office), and thought I knew who they were but wasn't sure. They rang the bell, the Screamer said something, and then said "come closer.....closer" and then he screamed. Just as he screamed, I opened the door and screamed REAL loudly. All the kids jumped and screamed, it was great.

What was even better, was that one of them was someone who had helped me put the Screamer up last week, knew what he did, and still leaned in close to it.

I'm still laughing. What a great way to amuse myself.

I love living in a neighborhood and getting a lot of trick or treaters. I really like Halloween and I enjoy handing out candy and seeing the kids in their costumes.

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