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January 2007

Loving This Weather!

The following has been the routine since roughly mid-December.

  1. Wake up in the morning, look out the window, see that it's snowed.
  2. Our driveway this morning before we plowed/shoveled it

  3. Try and figure out how deep it is to decide if we need to wear ski pants and/or boots to take the dogs out. Anything under 2 inches is sweats and an old pair of sneakers.
  4. Michelle and Loki walking in the backyard

  5. Feed the hyperactive dogs, take them out. Curse the fact that you forgot to wear socks and get snow on your bare ankles. Curse the dogs for always having to go in the deepest part of the yard.
  6. Loki buried in the snow

  7. Look at the driveway. Depending on how much accumulation there is on the driveway, either plow or not plow at this time. How hard it's snowing doesn't matter. Remember the blizzard when there was 2 feet of snow on the driveway and begging the neighbor to use his ATV plow to do it. Vow to never let 2 feet of snow accumulate on the driveway again.
  8. Brian Scares the Swede

  9. If outside plowing/shoveling, yell to all the other neighbors doing the same thing. Strike up various conversations with them. Watch the kids play in the all the snow piles on your lawn, sometimes making them fall on your nicely shoveled driveway. Realize it doesn't matter since the snow just started coming down harder and you'll have to plow again in a few hours.
  10. Kurt Has to Put the Snow Someplace...

  11. Join the club and help the kids make snow jumps and little hills. Watch how easily amused they are.
  12. Erin Sledding

  13. Realize you're still a kid and join in the sledding.
  14. Michelle Takes a Turn

  15. Repeat the process every few hours until it finally stops snowing.
  16. Leif shoveling snow in his shorts

  17. Over the next few days, watch the snow start melting, and breathe a sigh of relief you don't have to shovel again. Each morning try to convince the dogs to NOT go to the bathroom in the deepest part of the yard like they enjoy doing.
  18. 5 days later, watch the weather report where they once again predict snow.
  19. Go to 1 and repeat the cycle


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