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March 2007

Who Cares if We're Comfortable?

About 6 3/4 years ago, Loki and Odin were both about 3 months old. They both were crate trained and loved sleeping in the crate at night. Once we realized they were housebroken, we started leaving the door of the crate open so they could sleep on the floor of the bedroom. Both Leif and I had vowed to never let the dogs up on the bed.

One night, the dogs both stood by the side of the bed as we got ready to go to sleep and started whining. They didn't need to go out, they just finally realized our big bed was much nicer than the crate or the floor. Both were too small to jump up themselves. It took a lot of effort, but we didn't let them up. We stood firm. We stood our ground.

This went on for a few nights.

Soon after, we woke up one morning, and lo and behold, both dogs were sleeping soundly at the foot of the bed! Neither of us remembered lifting them up onto the bed. The same thing happened the next night, and the night after. Finally the 4th night both Leif and myself pretended to fall asleep. We lay very quietly in the bed while the dogs were settled on the floor. While waiting patiently, we heard Loki get up off from the floor, and come over to my side of the bed. Odin got up off the floor, and went over to Leif's side of the bed. Loki nuzzled my hand to see if I was asleep, and then with one swift movement, both dogs jumped up on the bed, and IMMEDIATELY lay down again so as not to disturb us.

It was at that moment, that we realized we lost the battle for bed supremacy. The dogs now freely sleep in the bed whenever they want, and Loki has come to realize that it's HIS bed, and we're just people he allows to use it. He'll lay between Leif and I, and if there's not enough room, he'll still squeeze his way in, forcing one of us to move closer to the edge of the bed. Odin enjoys sleeping at the foot of the bed, but a little closer to the middle, so he's always laying on someone's feet or legs.

And finally, there's the ultimate:

It's all About Loki's comfort

Fortunately Loki doesn't do this to me, and while it must be comfortable for him, it definitely wasn't comfortable for Leif (he stayed like that though until I took the picture, and then he moved Loki away).

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Soft Powdery Goodness

On Wednesday we headed up to Winter Park for a few hours. One of the guys who had done our garage floor in October teaches private snowboard lessons up there so we had arranged a few hours with him in the morning. Amazingly not only had it been snowing there since Monday, it was still snowing when we drove up, and the snow was white, fluffy, and very very soft.

He definitely helped to step up our boarding in terms of making faster turns and such, and also helped us get started even more in the terrain park. I handed him a small video camera to shoot some video, and geez, it's a whole different experience to watch yourself. I thought I was going really fast on the jumps, but when watching the video, it turns out I really wasn't. :)

Anyways, I made a 1 minute compilation of our couple of hours up there. I'm not sure what happened with the first few seconds, since my upload was fine, but everything else looks good.