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May 2007

Correcting Your Eyes Non-Surgically Part 2

Went back to the eye doctor today, and I'm now down to a -1.25. I'm actually reading my computer monitor now with no contacts in or anything, and not having any problems. Well, it's a little fuzzy, but not that bad. I can even read my laptop screen sitting next to this monitor. I'm still very excited about this procedure, and hoping to be really really really close to 0 by Saturday (if not at 0). The hard lenses which weren't horribly comfortable the first night aren't as bad now, and my sleep pattern is pretty much back to normal. You actually can get used to them.

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Correcting Your Eyes Non-Surgically

There's this medical treatment that's been out for awhile called Ortho-K. Basically you wear hard contact lenses while you sleep, and it reshapes your cornea while you sleep. Both of us have worn soft contacts for sports and such, and neither of us wants to get Lasik, so we were intrigued by this, and finally decided to try it. The big benefit is that if at any time you want to stop doing it, you just stop, and your vision returns to exactly what it was before you started. It's not permanent, so you do have to wear the lenses every night.

It turns out that our eye doctor, Dr. Jordan at Peak Family Eye Care does this. He talked us through all the pros and cons of both this and Lasik, told us about what to expect, and after listening to his knowledge, we both went for it.

Last night was our first night on this. Having not worn hard contacts before, it's definitely an eye-opener (pun intended) when you try them for the first time. It feels like there's something in your eye. It doesn't hurt, just uncomfortable. I do know a few people who wear hard lenses and they say you do get used to them. Anyways, with your eyes closed it's not that bad, although neither of us slept well. I was a little paranoid about having them move on me while I slept (they didn't).

We went to the eye doctor this morning to see if they sat well while we slept, and to see if they did anything. Fortunately the eye doctor is about 3-4 miles from us so Leif wore his glasses (which he said felt weird) to drive us. Imagine my surprise when the doctor checked me out, and said that in 1 night, I had gone from a -4.5 to a -3 (the goal is 0). Poor Leif had to get custom lenses ordered since his apparently sat high on his cornea while we slept, so he can't wear them again until those come in.

The doctor gave me some soft lenses to wear during the day, and guesstimated what I would need tomorrow and Thursday until the procedure was "complete." The only issue I'm having is the soft lenses don't correct for my astigmatism in my left eye, so my vision is a little weird today.

I'm pretty excited about this, but hoping I can get used to the hard lenses sooner rather than later so I can get some sleep.

An Letter to the Makers of Guitar Hero II

Dear Red Octane,

I hate you guys, I really really hate you guys. Prior to you releasing Guitar Hero 2 for the Xbox 360, I had played it for maybe 20 minutes in a Best Buy (going during the day has its benefits) on a PS2 system they had set up. I thought to myself, "well, that's pretty darn cool, I hope it comes out for the 360 at some point." It did, and now I hate you guys since I can't stop playing it.

Granted everything past level 5 is death metal and I can't stand it, but who knew I'd sit and spend hours trying to learn "Cherry Pie" or "Shout at the Devil" on hard? Not just learning them, no doubt, but actually trying to 5-star them? I was so excited today when I hit 96% with "Cherry Pie" on hard that I raced upstairs to tell Leif of my achievement. You would've thought I won some major award, but nope, just my first over 90% song on hard. If it weren't for "guitar solo B" then I would have hit 100, so I still have something to work towards.

Thanks to you, I can't get songs like "Surrender" out of my head, and not only that, but when I hear them in my head, I envision the Guitar Hero notes used to play them. I'm addicted to your stupid game!

We did have some exciting times last week when our friends Ryan and Carol were in town. Rather than just sit and watch a movie at the end of the day, we all played some Guitar Hero, either in career mode or in multiplayer. It made for some entertaining evenings, and by the time they left, we had unlocked all 8 levels and multiple bonus guitars and characters.

Please make the madness stop.

From Winter to Summer

I can't stress enough how nice it is to have seasons again. There's always something to look forward to, so you can't really ever get tired of 1 season. It was a long-ish winter I guess, with a little bit of spring mixed in, but that's ok, now we're moving on to summer. While neither of us enjoys when it gets really hot (in the low-mid 70's is ideal), we're switching from winter snowboarding, to all the summer sports. So far we've gotten our scuba diver certification through PADI, and will be getting our open water certification starting next weekend (pool dives and classroom, followed by a lake dive the weekend after). I highly urge anyone interested in getting their scuba diver certification to do it while they're on a cruise. We did it on the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas (yes, the really big boat), and it was great doing our open water dives in Cozumel where the water was 80 degrees.

Aside from continuing our scuba diving certification, we also started taking whitewater kayak classes. So far we've been in the pool for 2 days and learned the basics, and the roll. We both need lots of practice on the roll (which we'll continue to get at open pool sessions over the weeks), but we've got our river course scheduled for June.

Finally on the water front, we're doing a 1 day rafting trip in July.

It's looking to be an exciting summer!

Lost Boys Reference

I saw this image on a thread on Fark today, and for some reason it just amused me. If you're offended by it...well...then...get a sense of humor. If you don't understand why it's talking about Jack Bauer, then you need to see The Lost Boys, or if you don't want to, it's a very early Kiefer Sutherland cheesy vampire movie.