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December 2007

Curacao Trip

We've been so insanely busy the last few months, it's not even funny, and I've been meaning to write this post since then :). At the end of September, we took a trip to Curacao for the Colorado Scuba Bash (our scuba shop of choice, as always, is Coral Reef Scuba and Travel)

. The trip was a blast - I can't believe all the cool stuff we saw. We stayed at the Habitat Curacao which has 24x7 diving available. The dive shop itself is open all day, but there's a tank room, where they always leave tanks of Nitrox or air for you to take. Once you get a tank, you literally just walk down to the dive dock, and jump in - it's about a 5 minute swim out to where the reef starts. Leif and I both agreed that our best dives were the shore dives, and we even did 2 night dives with the group as well. We saw a lot of different Moray Eels, Parrotfish, Scorpianfish, Red Hind, several Octopii, and some people in our group even saw squid! I have a bunch of pictures on Flickr in my Curacao set, but here's a few to tide you over.

The grumpy old man.

Michelle and Leif
Me and Leif hanging out under the sea. Photo taken by Randy Partch.

Juvenile French Angelfish
Juvenile French Angelfish