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February 2008

People Can't Read

We seem to live in an age where people expect instant gratification, meaning they don't want to have to work for anything (I know several people who have that "sense of entitlement", even though they did nothing to deserve what they think they're entitled to). As a result, people seem to have trouble reading something past the first sentence.

See? Even this is too long already.

1) If you're on an email list which I happen to be an admin for, and you want to unsubscribe, it might be useful to press that nice UNSUBSCRIBE ME link at the bottom of the email, instead of clicking on the first email address you see in the message and asking that person (quite rudely btw) to unsubscribe you.

2) If you're going to a website, and see "You don't have permission to view this page, please contact to get access", don't email the mailing list for the entire site asking for access. They're just going to tell you to talk to Foobar.

I don't understand why these concepts are honestly so difficult, especially for people who are supposed to be engineers (well, the first one wasn't an engineer, but the second example is ALWAYS engineers). Sometimes the answer isn't in the first sentence, and you may be required to read a little ways to get it.