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November 2008

And Then, It Was Time

Thursday, November 20, 2008 started out like any other normal day.  I was really uncomfortable trying to sleep, had to wake up often to pee, and counting the days until the pregnancy part would be over (still another 4 weeks).  Leif had just come back inside with the dogs from their morning feeding, and we both were just lying in bed listening to them play.  At around 7:45am, I felt a jolt inside (almost like a kick), and then felt a bunch of water running down my legs.  I knew immediately what had happened, but kind of didn't believe it, since I wasn't due yet for another month.  While I called the doctor and confirmed that I should indeed come to the hospital at that moment (the contractions didn't start for another 15 minutes), Leif called Camp Bow Wow to secure places for the dogs. Fortunately it was the week before Thanksgiving, so they had ample space to take them at the last minute.

A very very quick hospital bag was packed (would you believe that was actually on my todo list for that day?), and then we were off to the hospital!  We quickly dropped the dogs off, then headed for a day chock full of fun.  I was busy timing my contractions (which had barely started), and decided that they totally sucked, but I still managed about 4 hours before I decided to get the epidural. They were still kind of tolerable, but I was tired of dealing with them.  I have to say, that the person who invented the epidural should have won some sort of award or something because once it was administered, the pain completely went away.  Of course, I had to stay in bed, and everything from the waist down felt like it was asleep, but instead of having pain, I just felt pressure during each contraction.   Once I wasn't gripping the side of the hospital bed in pain, all that was left to do was wait.  When I got to the hospital at about 8:45am, I was dilated to a 3.  At noon I was dilated to about a 3.5, so they started pumping Pitocin into my IV to get the contractions stronger and more regular.  Thankfully the epidural took care of any pain that I might feel.  With the absence of pain, that just left a lot of waiting to happen.  For pretty much the rest of the day, I had my iPhone out and was texting, emailing, and updating my Facebook status.  A lot of people couldn't believe I was doing that, but honestly there really wasn't anything else for me to do.  Leif was sitting in the big, comfy chair next to my bed on his laptop the whole day. Kudos to Swedish Medical Center for having free WiFi so we had no problems getting on the network.

Even though I was scared to death of the whole labor and delivery part, I think I got off pretty easy in most respects.  My water broke at 7:45am. By 5pm I was dilated to 8cm, and by 8pm I was dilated to a full 10cm.  I only spent 20 minutes pushing.  So by all accounts, I was only in labor for 12 1/2 hours.  For a first kid, that's pretty good honestly, and I'm glad I didn't go through any more issues or problems.

In any case, at 8:27pm on November 20, 2008, Peter Robert Hedstrom was born at 5 pounds, 10 ounces, and 18 inches long.  Even though he was 4 weeks early, they deemed him ok enough to go to the regular nursery instead of the NICU.  I was wheeled off to the recovery room (private room, with 2 beds so Leif could stay over), and brought the best turkey sandwich I'd ever eaten (I hadn't eaten since 7pm the night before).

Leif and I were ecstatic, and we stayed up talking until 2am since we were so completely wired.  After a couple days in the hospital learning how to take care of a newborn (since neither of us had a clue), they let us take him home on Saturday night.

The baby is tired after birth.

Tired baby after birth

Going Home From the Hospital

Going Home From the Hospital

Mom and Baby

Mommy and Peter a few days after being home

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