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August 2009

To Daycare, or Not to Daycare? From Yodeling Mamas

Yahoo recently started a blog called Yodeling Mamas, which features blog entries from mothers who work at Yahoo. Anyways, I wrote my first entry recently called To Daycare, or Not to Daycare? Check it out!

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I hate the mainstream news these days. Not only is it all about the worst possible stuff that happens each day, but it's all about fearmongering. Take this little article headline from CNN:

"Usually harmless turbulence can be dangerous, deadly"

Oooh, that sounds scary, and I hate to fly, so let's read the article:

"Since 1980, three people have been killed in turbulence-related accidents"
"There have been 234 turbulence-related accidents since 1980, and 114 passengers were seriously injured in those accidents"

I'm not even going to bother to give you the statistics on those numbers, but seriously, are you absolutely kidding me with that headline?

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How to White Water Raft Before Work

A few weeks ago Leif and I were talking about how we'll be able to snowboard again this winter since Peter is in daycare. We'll drop him off, then head up for an hour, then come home, and go to work. It got me thinking about other things we can do like that in the mornings since Peter is in daycare. As I was thinking about this, we drove by Clear Creek and saw people white water rafting on it. A few miles down the road, we drove by the Clear Creek Rafting Company. I pulled out my iphone, and saw they did couple hour trips. An idea was formed.

This morning, Leif, myself, and our friends Randy and Derek dropped Peter off at daycare really early, drove 30 minutes to the Clear Creek Rafting Company, did a 2 hour intermediate trip, and were back at our place well in time before the majority of Yahoo engineers were at work.

Although it was late in the season, and we thought the water would be low and lame, we were wrong. The water level was definitely low, but they ran the intermediate trip down the advanced course in smaller boats. As a result, the 4 of us had our own boat (with a guide, of course), and went through some nice class III and IV rapids. The water was cold, the weather was gorgeous, and we had a great time.

I love this state. You definitely couldn't do this in California!



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