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At the Month Mark

Today Peter is 1 month old, and it's definitely been an interesting month.  I mean, technically my "real" due date was yesterday, but I'm not horribly upset he came a month early.  The timing just worked out really well.  My parents were always due to come out to visit for Thanksgiving, and having the baby the week before that meant that not only could they see him, but we had some sort of schedule established (slightly), and were a little better organized.

In any case, my maternal instinct has fully kicked in, and I love the little guy, even when he's all fussy. My favorite thing honestly is when he's being fussy, and I pick him up and he quiets down. It's like some sort of power to get him to do that. :)  Leif has been extremely helpful, like there's no possible way I'd be able to do this without him.  The fact that he takes over some of the feedings and diaper changes means I get to keep my sanity a little bit more.

Like all new parents, we've taken about a billion pictures, and when Stacy's Library of Memories class starts in February, I'll be all set for it (for about the 4th time, but each time I get further along!).  One thing I've discovered is that it's really hard to type anything on the computer with 1 hand holding the baby, but it is very possible to keyword tag photos, which is something that I've been trying to get better at.

Peter is starting to smile a bit, but just seems to be random, or gas related. It's really cute when he does it, so I can't wait until he's doing it in response to something.  He does stare at you when you're feeding or holding him, which is also another cool thing to see.  I am enjoying being a parent so far, even if right now all he does it eat, sleep, and poop.  I mean, there's this little baby that's completely dependant on us for everything - it's just weird to think about that.

My new favorite picture.  My parents will not appreciate this at all, but I don't think they even read my blog, so not a big deal:

Leif teaching Peter bad habits already


This is a cute one too. He's gotten so much chubbier than he was, probably because he's eating like a horse! 

3 Weeks and 2 Days


Finally, here's one of Loki that we took the other day when it snowed a bunch.  My snow puppies loved being in the snow!

Loki the Snow Puppy


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