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It's the Concept, Not the Packaging

I had an epiphany today.

Last week, Creating Keepsakes released a Kit of the Month entitled Project 365.  Now that concept isn't new at all, but they thought to capitalize on it but offering an all-inclusive scrapbook kit which would enable you to basically just take photos, slip them into page protectors, do minimal journaling, and you're done. I've never done the 365 thing, but thought "wow, with the kit that'd make this super easy, and look really nice". I was going to order 2 kits, 1 for me, and 1 for Linnea and we were going to do it together, however with our own photos.

They severely underestimated the demand for this kit, and the website couldn't handle the load when they released them for sale.  Not only that, but people with order numbers and confirmation emails were told they didn't actually have orders in the system, it was taking an hour or more to reach customer service by phone, and they weren't answering emails.  Basically, it was a giant mess with nobody sure of what was going on, lots of people upset over not being able to order, etc...  It reminded me of the Rockies World Series ticket fiasco (which wasn't hackers btw, it was that their site couldn't handle the demand) a couple of years ago.

I got an order number, received 2 confirmation emails, but have no idea if I'm getting the 2 kits I ordered or not since my credit card hasn't been charged (like others have), and I have no shipping info with a tracking number (like others have).

Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I upset? Yes.  Since I don't have a whole lot of time now with Peter, and Linnea has no scrapbooking experience, this was going to be perfect for us.

But then I had an epiphany today.

The whole and entire purpose of scrapbooking is not to have pretty albums, and pretty embellishments, and pretty whatever, it's to tell a story.  It's to tell the story of you, of your family, or of anything you want that story to be.  If all you have are photos slapped on a piece of paper listing the names of the people in the photos, the date, the place, and maybe why you took the photo, that's enough.

It's the concept that matters, not the packaging.  Just the fact that, if I stick with this, at the end of 2009 I'll have basically told the story of my year is enough.  If all I do is print out the photos, put them on a piece of cardstock, with 1 sentence per photo, and the date, and shove the whole thing in some album, that's honestly enough. I don't need all the extras. Granted, they look nice, but there's no point in worrying about that when it's still the concept that's important.

I feel better now.

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