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Sidekick 2 - Nice Design, Poor Implementation

Sidekick 2Back in December when our Cingular contract was up, we decided we hated their service (it was non-existent in Half Moon Bay), and wanted something better. We gravitated towards Tmobile, because we had read about one good phone that we were interested in checking out - the Sidekick II made by Danger.

Playing with this device was love at first site. When you wanted to type on the keyboard, it was very comfortable to hold, and the keys were even big enough for Leif's fingers. It had basic functionality beyond that of a phone - IM (AIM and YIM), calendar, todo list, notes, and you could buy applications such as a Terminal app from their catalog with the promise of more on the way.

6 months later, there's been maybe 2 more applications released through the official catalog, and both are negligable in their usefulness (calorie counter, paint program). Where's all the resources going? You got it, ringtones and games. Everyday I see more ringtones and games released in the catalog, and still no more applications.

I did sign up for the developers program, however my Java experience is lacking and I haven't had a ton of free time to learn it, but what about all those other developers they claim to have? Where's my secure keychain app to store my user names and passwords? Or a damn web browser that supports tables and Javascript?

There are unofficial apps you can download, but a lot of times they have an expiration date, aren't supported that well, and will get wiped out completely upon a system update, so it's not necessarily a good solution.

Our contract isn't up now for awhile, but I'm getting to the point where I'm very disappointed we didn't but a Treo instead. At least that comes with many ready-made applications because of the Palm functionality. I guess that's what we get for getting a device who has Paris Hilton as a spokesperson.