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A Real Family Dinner

For a few months now, Peter has been working on eating table food. It started with Cheerios, and has progressed to other things. Now that he's 10 months old, I figured finally we need to work to try and get him slightly onto our dinner schedule so we can have dinner as a family. There's a few problems with that though. 1) Ever since he's been 3 months old, he's eaten a large bottle right before bedtime, and 2) He likes eating table food, and is great at picking it up, but since he got his 2 front teeth in a few weeks ago he tries to chew everything in front and most of it ends up on his bib/the floor.

In any case, Leif and I are pretty tired of eating dinner after he goes to sleep (sometimes we eat as late as 8pm), which gives us less evening free time, so tonight we decided to change that up and eat around 6:30 and have Peter at the table with us. It worked out much better than I thought it would. Well, Peter ate what I put on his highchair tray, but yeah, most of it which made it to his mouth, ended up making it out of his mouth pretty quickly. But he seemed to like it, so we'll just have to keep working on it, and hope he figures this out soon.

I felt like a real family though tonight, remembering eating dinner with my parents and my brother. I'm guessing all too soon I'll be asking Peter how school was and he'll say "fine".

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