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First Photo I Uploaded to Flickr

I've been using Flickr for a few years, I know it was before they got bought by Yahoo, so I'm guessing 2004-2005 timeframe. I looked today to find the very first photo I uploaded to Flickr:


Of course it was a photo of Loki, our black lab. The photo was taken in July 2004, and thinking back to that timeframe is interesting. We lived in Half Moon Bay, CA. I was still the computer lab person at Hoover School. We had 2 dogs only, Loki and Odin who were both 4 years old (we had no idea Loki was going to get cancer). We weren't even thinking about having kids. Leif had only been at Yahoo for maybe a year. I believe we were still playing ice hockey at this point at Ice Oasis, but not sure. I do know for sure we didn't start doing the 11pm pickup games yet since those didn't start until we moved to Santa Clara. I didn't know anything about karate, real photography, and had no desire to move out of California.

It's amazing what changes in a matter of years...