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My Cheese-y Boy

This is my cheesy boy:

My "cheese"y boy

You can't tell him if you're taking a photo or not now, because if you do, he does his funny "Cheese" face.  This isn't something he picked up from us, I'm suspecting daycare.

In any case, on Christmas Day, we went to the Sunspot Lodge at Winter Park for dinner.  While waiting in the warm lift building for the gondola, Peter shedded his hat, gloves, and jacket, and sat in a chair at a table for 6.  A couple minutes later, a group of Japanese girls (high school or early college I'd say) came in and sat down at the table with him.  He waved and said "hi" to all of them, and they said "hi" back, while smiling at him. When we had to leave to go get dinner, Peter flashed his winning smile, said "bye" to all of them, and they all insisted on getting a high five from him as they laughed at his cuteness.

He's already a ladies man.  Big sigh from Mom.

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