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Black Dog in the Snow

You know I'll be the first to admit that even though I'm learning a lot about photography, there's still a ton I don't know.  For every little extra tidbit I learn about, I feel as though there's a hundred other things I don't know, and didn't even know about until learning that first thing.

The one recently I'm still trying to figure out is taking photos of black dogs in the snow.  Normally when you take a photo, the camera will meter for light off of your subject.  Well in this case, it's metering the light off of a black dog, so I'm not getting as fast a shutter speed as I should/could be getting.  More research will need to be done on this.  I did end up over-exposing by about a half a stop, which seemed to work pretty well.

Today's photo is of my psycho puppy, Thor.  He's 3, but definitely still a puppy, and runs around like a maniac outside. Sometimes he'll race around the backyard doing full laps before coming back to you. I've come close to having him body check me while doing that as well, and I really would prefer him to not take out my knees.

Thor playing in the snow

The only big problem with playing fetch with him is that he'd prefer to play "keep-a-way".  Not just with Loki or Odin, but with whomever is trying to throw the ball for him. He'll bring it back to you fine, but when you go to reach for it, and try to get him to drop it, he'll race away.  Makes for an annoying game, but he likes getting chased, so I guess it's fun for him.

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