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National Western Stock Show Parade

The National Western Stock Show is starting this weekend!  We've never been to it.  Well, we had tickets to one of the events before Peter was born, but Leif decided he didn't want to go at the last minute.  However, this year we're going to just go and walk around (no shows) since Peter loves horses and animals. All of the rodeo times don't work too well with his nap, so next year we'll see some other stuff.

Every year, there's a parade kickoff through the streets of downtown Denver during lunch hour.  Rustling of steer, Westernaires, cowboys, stagecoaches, anything related to the show, you'll see it at the parade (the funniest part of the parade was you knew it was the end because there were a ton of street sweeper machines following the last horses).

I decided at the last minute to head on over there. Leif didn't want to go, and with Peter at daycare, I figured it was a good opportunity to get some photos without dealing with others in my family.  I'm glad I went - it was fun to people watch, fun to hang out in the gorgeous winter weather (it was a little over 50 degrees and sunny), and fun to see the parade.

I took a bunch of photos, and while I like a lot of them, this one is my pick for the day.  This guy had the mechanical bull attached to the back of a car, and the car was bouncing all over the street, so he really had to hold on.

Stock Show Parade