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Evening ER Visit With Peter

Wednesday night I was getting Peter ready for bed. He started down the stairs (he goes down feet first on his stomach) like he normally does, got to the landing, and started to stand up, lost his balance, and banged his head pretty hard on the corner of the staircase.  He started screaming, and a big goose egg started forming. We honestly weren't sure what to do or how bad it was, so figured we'd go to the ER and hopefully wouldn't be there that long.

It felt like awhile, but in reality it was only about an hour total.  Once we got into a room, the nurse offered Peter a toy which he happily started playing with, so at that point we knew he was ok.  The doctor (also a parent), gave us some tips and info on head injuries, and we left knowing more than we had.

The swelling on the bump went down overnight, so now just looks like a mark with a bruise. 

As Leif said he was always hurt as a kid, I suspect we'll be at the ER more in the future...

Bump on the head