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Get a Haircut, Hippie!

Sunday morning it was snowy and cold, but that didn't stop us from heading out to the stock show with Randy.  Having not been there before, I was amazed at how big it was and how many different vendors there were. I tried to buy Peter a cowboy hat, but he was having none of that (maybe next year), but he had fun riding the ponies, and petting the different animals in the petting zoo.

I took various photos, mostly of Peter, but then we walked into the livestock area and saw the llamas and alpacas, and this guy caught my eye.  I had to use the on camera flash due to horrific lighting, but I still like it.  Leif looked at him and said, "get a haircut, hippie."  He was the only alpaca we saw with shaggy hair over his eyes, hence why I like this photo.


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