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Sunrise in the Backyard

It's rare that I'm up early enough to see the sunrise. Well, it's rare that I'm up early enough to be dressed and ready to go outside to see the sunrise is a better way of putting it. The other day though, Peter and the dogs both started fidgeting around 7, and Leif had an early morning meeting, so up we went. Leif went to take the dogs outside while I was getting dressed. He came running into the bedroom about a minute later telling me I had to get my butt outside to photograph the sunrise. I love my husband since he supports my photography habit. :)  I grabbed my gear, went into the backyard, set up the tripod, shooed the dogs away from the tripod, and took a bunch of snaps.  I like this one the best. I could've lightened up the photo to get more detail in the house, but I kind of like the silhouette on it. 

And yes, there was some post processing on it, just to bring out the colors more.