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Books to iPad, Looking at the Future

I love books. I mean, I really love books. When I was a kid and had my own library card, my mom would drop me off at the library for a couple of hours. I knew all the librarians in the children's section who always had books to recommend to me.  I would watch movies on the filmstrip machine, and sit quietly and read. (sidetrack: nowadays, people would get up in arms about the child possibly molested without a parent there or something, but that's a "I'm rolling my eyes at you" conversation for another time).  When it came time for me to go home, I'd either call my mom (on a pay phone no less!) to get me, or we'd have a prearranged time.  I would literally check out 10 books at a time, and yes, I could read 10 books in a 2 week period.  I loved the library.

If we'd go on trips, I'd always have 2-3 paperbacks with me (I'd try to grab paperbacks) in case I finished 1 and needed another.

I still love books, and love reading, but I don't get to do it nearly as much anymore. I do try to read for at least 45 minutes before bed though, because to be honest, it's so easy to just play on the computer, but like I said, I still love reading.

Moving towards e-readers is pretty much inevitable. Oh, I suspect there will always be a market for books, but e-readers are so convenient.  Instead of carrying a bunch of books in your luggage, you just put a bunch on your iPad, Kindle, or Nook.  I did get a Kindle 2 when it came out, and was so excited on my first dive trip when I could just toss the Kindle in my luggage instead of carrying around paperbacks.

This photo was for the NAPP Photo Rally category of books, and it demonstrates the move towards the future. A stack of books, replaced by my iPad.  

But I still love books (in fact, I'm reading a paperback now, since I didn't want to buy it again on my iPad).


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