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Dear US Bank, my Son is 2...

Peter got his 3rd letter today from the local US Bank mentioning he could get an amazing offer on a home equity line of credit.  I'm not entirely sure what mailing list they bought which would have his name on it, but this is the letter going back to them.  I'm going to have him draw on it in crayon before I send it.

"My name is Peter, and I’m 2 years old.  I got a letter from you about your amazing offer for your home equity line of credit.   I wait in a line at school when I have to go inside from playing on the slide.  Is a line of credit like that? I already live in a house owned by my Mommy and Daddy. I keep my Thomas trains in it, my Lightning Mcqueen cars, and my other toys.  Mommy says that you buy mailing lists from different companies and that maybe you should check a birthdate before sending out mail.  Is a birthdate like a birthday? I’ll be 3 on my next birthday and I want a party at the zoo. Mommy says to have you remove my name from your mailing list."

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