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Jumping for Joy

Although it was still a bit cold outside (mid 50's during the day!), it had stopped raining, and we had nothing else better to do on President's Day (there was no Olympic hockey to watch), we took the cars out to the dirt area we found. The minis are so cool on the dirt, although it's a bit hard to control them around the corners because they skid a lot. The big challenge though was when we finished with the minis and ran Leif's new LST2 Monster Truck. It's so cool! I can't believe how fast it goes for a monster truck, but the best part was taking it over the jump. The jump is technically made for the mini cars since it's cardboard, but we had to try it. Althought it did buckle a few times, overall it held the weight of the truck pretty well, and we were able to get some "monster" air.