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Sweden Takes the Gold!

WHAT A GAME! Unfortunately we didn't get to watch the game live. "Live" would have meant 5am here, and NBC just couldn't handle that, so we watched it time delayed. We just avoided our computers while we were watching it, because you never know what news site is going to have the results. I was right when I said it was going to be a really good game, because it was an intensely really good game. Finland scored first, but Sweden came right back with their own goal pretty quick. Sweden scored again, and then Finland scored again. Going into the third period, the score was tied 2-2. 10 seconds into the 3rd period, the man, Nicklas Lidstrom of the Red Wings, scored on a beautiful slapshot from the left point (1st assist: Mats Sundin, 2nd assist: our very own Peter Forsberg). After that, it was just waiting the next 19 minutes and 50 seconds for the game to be over.

I can completely see why Finland did so well in the Olympics (5 shutouts on 7 games). Their goalie, Antero Niittymaki is extremely good. Sweden just played better. They had better puck control/handling, better forechecking, although Finland does have great defense. I bet if these 2 teams played 5 games against each other, the winner will be in doubt until the end of each of them, the problem though is this was the game that counted, and Sweden just played better.

Big kudos to Swedish goalie Henrik Lundqvist. He had a lot of fantastic saves, and in the last minute of play when Finland pulled their goalie, I'm not sure how he managed to stop shot after shot thrown at him, but he did. I loved his reaction when they won, so that's why I put his picture up there.