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U R 3llt

Do people not know how to write complete sentences anymore?

I put something up for sale on Craigslist yesterday, which I've done several times before. This item though (a Sidekick II) fits a lower target demographic than things like furniture and Sharks tickets.

90% of the emails I received looked like this (the only editing I did on this was take the person's name out):

im interested in buying yur sidekicks due to me and my bro both want them
if we buy them can u get sum kind of discount for both of them.
we live in santa clara as well so it be no problem to pick up.\
if u cant lower the price well jus take one of them.

I just want to cry. I'm so tempted to create a random Yahoo account and inform them that in the future if they wish to buy something from someone, to use proper English in their writing. Fortunately I did receive some emails from people who had a clue, and sold to them.

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