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First Non-Rainy Weekend!

Both of us were in utter shock on Saturday morning when we woke up and it wasn't raining. For awhile we weren't sure what to do, and then we reacted.

I decided that even though it wasn't sunny out, but it was nice, I was going to go geocaching. Leif decided since it hadn't rained in 5 days he could drive down to Morgan Hill and check out the RC track down there.

2 DNF's (did not find) and 1 Find later, I was in the park next to the Santa Clara Library so popped in and got a few books out. The day was just too good and the air too fresh to go home, so I decided to hit 3 more around the house. A Hard One was easily my favorite of the day since the container was pretty cool.

Leif returned later in the day mentioning that the track was ok, but it was horribly kept up, and other track users had brought out their lawn mowers to get rid of all the overgrown grass! Kind of sad since everyone had to pay a $100 membership fee to use it, and there were no bathrooms or tables of any sort there. Live and learn I guess - always check the track out first.

Today we both drove up to the track in Fremont (run by the Baysider RC Club), which ended up being a 15 minute drive. This track doesn't just have an RC track, but an area for helicopters, and an area for planes. After watching this one helicopter pilot do these unbelievable acrobatics in the air, we ended up having to go back home to get AMA Insurance in order to be able to drive. (side note, websites which check to see which browser the user is running, and lock out everything else must die. I could easily have done this with my Windows Mobile phone, but because of the check, we had to go home) There and back in less than an hour, and we were up and driving.

I drove the Mini-LSTs while Leif drove his big Mugen. The track was pretty cool with some nice jumps and turns. The mini did fine on it, although I was sliding a lot. Once I blew through both batteries (must get a nitro car), Leif let me drive his.

Conveniently there was a geocache at this site, so I had to get it, of course.

After a long afternoon we drove home.