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Sharks Fans Called for Unsportsmanlike Conduct

The Sharks have been playing a series against Edmonton, so that means both "Oh Canada" and "The Star Spangled Banner" get sung at all the games. At yesterdays game, I was completely mortified when several fans booed the singing of "Oh Canada." Fortunately my section wasn't doing it, and we all looked at each other wondering what was going on. As if on cue, everyone who wasn't booing started singing the Canadian theme very loudly, and about halfway through the song, the singing drowned out the booing.

Today I heard that people did it because the national anthem was booed by the fans in Edmonton at the last game, but that's absolutely no excuse. Any national anthem should be held in the highest respect, and just because they do it doesn't mean we should do it.

I'm glad most people had the sense to not do it and stand up for what they thought was wrong, but at that moment I was completely embarrassed to be a Sharks fan.