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Foul Beast, Thy Name is Microsoft

Like every other single person who's bought a Windows PC over time, those PCs have come with a copy of Windows. Computers the past few years have come with Windows XP. With upgrades and such, I think between the 2 of us we have about 5 Windows XP licenses - 3 of which are currently in use.

With the announcement of the coming Parallels for the Intel iMacs, I figured this would be a "nice to have" thing. I don't really need it since I have a PC already, but still would be something cool. I downloaded Parallels, installed it, installed a version of XP that I wasn't using, ignored the activation request (heck, I had 30 days), and went on my way.

30 days passed, and now Windows wouldn't let me log in without activation. "No problem!" I said as I went and grabbed the corresponding license key and typed it in.

"Incorrect license key"

Uh..ok. I tried a few more times with the same result, and finally called the activation phone number I was given. After reciting a 50 digit number into the phone at some computer, it transferred me to a real person. Said real person informed me that you are unable to transfer Windows XP to another computer if it came bundled with that first one. I looked around a bit on the web, and sure enough, last year along with the whole activation thing they made it so the copies which came bundled on computers could not be moved to other computers. "Piracy" was the claim, because people would get computers bundled with Windows XP, then either sell the license key or give it to a friend because they installed Linux or something.

I guess the fact that I already paid for the copy with my computer doesn't matter, and I was still the legal owner of said computer and said copy. I must be a pirate!

Sad to say I won't be using Parallels on my nice Macbook Pro since I do have an XP machine, but it just would've been cool, dammit.