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New Jobs Are Cool

My timing this time around was just fantastic, and it only took me 1 interview to get a new job after deciding to leave teaching. Now before anyone declares "wow, I can't believe that", last time I went to look for a new job it took me 8 months to get a crapass contract which lasted 2 months, then another 4 after that and I switched career tracks because there was nothing around. I was part of that new Fox show "When Dot Coms Go Boom."

Anyways, I started Monday as a Technical Trainer over at Yahoo, and I want to remember this feeling of excitement when you first get a new job. You're ecstatic, on top of the world, everything is going right. Everything is new and cool and fun, and you can't believe it would ever suck. Every new person you meet is the coolest and nicest person ever.

If there's ever a point when I'm disgruntled, bored, or irritated, I want to remember that feeling to keep my spirits up and stay optimistic.