Our Very Own Sled Run

Although there's very little snow left in the Denver metro area, the same doesn't hold true for Granby.  There's a significant amount of snow there, which makes for some fun winter activities.

A couple of weeks ago when we were at the cabin for 10 days, we discovered our neighbors next door (whom we get along with really well) had not only taken their 3 year old grandson sledding in the backyard, but they had actually built a sled run, complete with walls.  Over the course of that 10 day period, we helped them build it up more, get it further, and pack it down.  It made for a very fast, and very fun sled run, not just for Peter, but for us as well.

Over the weekend we were up there again, and although there had been new snow, it took some minor digging from Leif to make it a good sled run again.  We took turns on the sled with Peter.  You do have to steer during the first part of the run, but the last part is a nice straightaway, so you can just go all out if you want.  I brought the camera out to get some photos.  Minor blurring done in FocalPoint after the fact.


Smiling Moose Goes Skiing

Not every 365 photo is going to be that good, part of them will just be things I run across in my daily life.

I went to Smiling Moose Deli for lunch the other day, and saw this photo on the wall. First off, I love the Smiling Moose logo, I mean what doesn't get you happy about a cartoon moose that smiles?  Then I saw this picture of him skiing, and I knew I had my photo.  This was just taken with my iPhone, and I was lazy and didn't postprocess any of the light glare out.  Also, they have awesome food.

Smiling Moose on Skis

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Sunrise in the Backyard

It's rare that I'm up early enough to see the sunrise. Well, it's rare that I'm up early enough to be dressed and ready to go outside to see the sunrise is a better way of putting it. The other day though, Peter and the dogs both started fidgeting around 7, and Leif had an early morning meeting, so up we went. Leif went to take the dogs outside while I was getting dressed. He came running into the bedroom about a minute later telling me I had to get my butt outside to photograph the sunrise. I love my husband since he supports my photography habit. :)  I grabbed my gear, went into the backyard, set up the tripod, shooed the dogs away from the tripod, and took a bunch of snaps.  I like this one the best. I could've lightened up the photo to get more detail in the house, but I kind of like the silhouette on it. 

And yes, there was some post processing on it, just to bring out the colors more.


Stupid Berries, It's Winter and Snowy!

After our snow over the weekend, I waited a couple days to go out and take photos.  Well, I tried taking photos initially, but at 5 degrees, I didn't last long outside. The next day, everything was still nice and frozen over and nothing had melted, so I tried again.  My neighbor, Cathy, always has a great vegetable garden in the summer (and an awesome flower garden too), so I figured I'd wander over there and take some photos of everything dead in the winter. Imagine my surprise though, when I walked up her driveway, glanced at one of her bushes, and noticed these red berries just hanging on for dear life.  Nothing else was alive in the area, so I snapped a few of the red berries against the stark, white landscape.

Also, happy birthday (yesterday) Cathy!

Berries Forgetting It's Winter

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Snowy Landscape in my Backyard

I've long loved where I live in Colorado.  We have a good view, and fantastic neighbors.  It's a great way for me to practice my photography, especially when we get a snowfall.  

We got some nice snow over the weekend, so I took the opportunity to go out just around the house and take some shots.  It was 5 degrees outside, so I didn't last long, but I took this one in the backyard.  I had to keep shooing the dogs away so they didn't jostle the tripod.  My goal was to shoot the neighbor's pine tree with the mountain in the background, and this is the shot I liked the best, because of the other foreground elements, giving it a sense of depth.

Winter Wonderland

Get a Haircut, Hippie!

Sunday morning it was snowy and cold, but that didn't stop us from heading out to the stock show with Randy.  Having not been there before, I was amazed at how big it was and how many different vendors there were. I tried to buy Peter a cowboy hat, but he was having none of that (maybe next year), but he had fun riding the ponies, and petting the different animals in the petting zoo.

I took various photos, mostly of Peter, but then we walked into the livestock area and saw the llamas and alpacas, and this guy caught my eye.  I had to use the on camera flash due to horrific lighting, but I still like it.  Leif looked at him and said, "get a haircut, hippie."  He was the only alpaca we saw with shaggy hair over his eyes, hence why I like this photo.


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Crazy Swede in the Snow

Being from Sweden, Leif seems to be able to handle cold much better than most people.  Even in the winter, I rarely see him wear pants unless we have to go out someplace or it's below 0.  He rarely even wears a jacket, insisting he's fine in a sweatshirt.  This is also the same guy who constantly complains the bedroom is a sauna, even if the window is open in the winter. I'll add as well, that when he's gone on a business trip and it's just me and the dogs in the bed (the dogs only sleep in the bed when he's gone), and I have the winter closed, it's perfectly comfortable, so I'm guessing he just radiates a lot of heat.

The funniest thing though I see him do every winter is shovel the driveway while wearing shorts and sneakers.  It just feels wrong.

Shoveling snow in shorts and sneakers

Fireworks and Fun at the Torchlight Parade

This is actually a photo that was taken a couple of weeks ago.  Winter Park Ski Resort, on Christmas Eve, has a torchlight parade where skiers go down the mountain with lights, followed by Santa and then some fireworks (and then some lit snow machines too).  We didn't go last year because it was about 2 degrees outside, but this particular evening was somewhere in the 20's, so figured it would be fun.

A huge bonfire was lit in the middle of the main ski area with people milling around, and holiday music blaring over the loudspeaker.  Leif lifted Peter up on his shoulders so he could see the skiers coming down the mountain, and also see the fireworks.  This is more of a social event than anything - it's fun to people watch, and just be outside with everybody.

I was playing with settings on the camera continuously, and took way too many fireworks shots. Everything had tons of noise in it (based upon where I was standing and the darkness of the area), but I actually like this one. Leif suggested I get rid of the smoke, but I like it in the shot since it's part of the fireworks.

Torchlight parade at Winter Park

Evening ER Visit With Peter

Wednesday night I was getting Peter ready for bed. He started down the stairs (he goes down feet first on his stomach) like he normally does, got to the landing, and started to stand up, lost his balance, and banged his head pretty hard on the corner of the staircase.  He started screaming, and a big goose egg started forming. We honestly weren't sure what to do or how bad it was, so figured we'd go to the ER and hopefully wouldn't be there that long.

It felt like awhile, but in reality it was only about an hour total.  Once we got into a room, the nurse offered Peter a toy which he happily started playing with, so at that point we knew he was ok.  The doctor (also a parent), gave us some tips and info on head injuries, and we left knowing more than we had.

The swelling on the bump went down overnight, so now just looks like a mark with a bruise. 

As Leif said he was always hurt as a kid, I suspect we'll be at the ER more in the future...

Bump on the head

National Western Stock Show Parade

The National Western Stock Show is starting this weekend!  We've never been to it.  Well, we had tickets to one of the events before Peter was born, but Leif decided he didn't want to go at the last minute.  However, this year we're going to just go and walk around (no shows) since Peter loves horses and animals. All of the rodeo times don't work too well with his nap, so next year we'll see some other stuff.

Every year, there's a parade kickoff through the streets of downtown Denver during lunch hour.  Rustling of steer, Westernaires, cowboys, stagecoaches, anything related to the show, you'll see it at the parade (the funniest part of the parade was you knew it was the end because there were a ton of street sweeper machines following the last horses).

I decided at the last minute to head on over there. Leif didn't want to go, and with Peter at daycare, I figured it was a good opportunity to get some photos without dealing with others in my family.  I'm glad I went - it was fun to people watch, fun to hang out in the gorgeous winter weather (it was a little over 50 degrees and sunny), and fun to see the parade.

I took a bunch of photos, and while I like a lot of them, this one is my pick for the day.  This guy had the mechanical bull attached to the back of a car, and the car was bouncing all over the street, so he really had to hold on.

Stock Show Parade


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