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Leif's all excited because he finished his first 2 paint jobs on his RC cars. The Sharks one is for one of the minis, and the striped one is for his buggy. On the side of the Sharks car it's kind of hard to see from the picture, but it's the "This is Sharks Territory" logo. He saw the striped design in one of the RC car magazines that he reads, and immediately proclaimed, "wow, I have to try that!" With his brand-new airbrush tool, he was able to do all the gradients pretty well. More pictures that he took of the paint jobs are here.

I had also mentioned before that Leif was getting another car, a Team Losi LST-2 Monster Truck. It arrived at the store today, so he was all giddy when he drove down there after work. He met his friend from work who had bought one as well (as his first R/C car ever), and his friend was bouncing off the walls apparently. I don't think I was prepared for how large this car...err truck is, but I guess it's not called a monster truck for nothing.

Too bad it's supposed to rain all weekend...

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The Engine Room

Leif has discovered a new hobby - RC cars. I blame (and thank!) Howard for this, but it's ok, because it's definitely a better hobby than just sitting in front of the computer and hacking. His first car was a Mugen Seiki MBX5 off-road buggy which Howard was kind enough to not only pick out the engine, car, radio, and all the rest of the stuff for, but also built it for Leif as well. After seeing the detail on the car, Leif admitted that was probably a good idea.

Not only does Leif have that, but he bought me a Team Losi Mini-LST which I love! A mini car which is battery powered works fine for me. Not to be outdone however, he decided to buy one for himself. We found a dirt area by a local school which is big enough for us to set up our own track and mess around with the cars. A jump of course is also installed when we set up the track. :)

Of course that wasn't enough. He took a friend from work to the local hobby store to check out the Team Losi LST2 monster trucks and bought one as well. 3 cars in a span of 2 months. A monster has been created!

He's dedicated part of his office to playing car mechanic, and calls it "The Engine Room." I laugh when he tells me he's going off to the engine room, but it's ok, he's having fun with it, and it stops him from hacking on the computer too much.

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