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Well, I usually don't do stuff like this, but I'm bored, so here's some random questions that I found on someone else's blog, with my answers. I'm sure on some of the answers you'll notice a trend...

Three things that scare me:
1) Religious fanatics taking over the politics of this country
2) Losing all my constitutional rights in the name of security
3) Something happening to Leif or my puppies, or anyone else in my family

Three people who make me laugh:
1) Leif
2) Adam
3) the Viking Table group (miss you guys!)

Three things I love (besides family members and my puppies):
1) Chocolate
2) Rock music
3) Reading a good book

Three things I hate:
1) US Cable support
2) US Cable support
3) the fact that my brother puts out very little effort to have any sort of relationship with me, besides the occassional email.

Three things I don’t understand:
1) People who don't take responsibility when they, themselves make a mistake
2) People who believe we don't have free will/choice, and instead we're controlled by a higher power
3) Why after 6 calls and 1 email in a week I can't get a US Cable technician out here to figure out why our network goes up and down randomly

Three things on my desk:
1) Macbook Pro
2) new 24" Dell LCD monitor
3) the book "1776" which I borrowed from a neighbor

Three things I am doing right now:
1) Looking forward to the start of hockey season.
2) Figuring out which internet provider I should switch to since US Cable support sucks ass.
3) Deciding what book I'm going to read when I go upstairs.

Three things I want to do before I die:
1) The terrain park on my snowboard at any resort
2) Teach my kid how to play hockey (when I have one)
3) Do something good that will make a difference

My personality:
1) Humorous
2) Outgoing
3) Restless

Three things I won’t do before I die:
1) Recommend anyone get US Cable as their service provider
2) Become a fanatical soccer hooligan
3) Root for Ohio State

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Published in Time Magazine

Every once in awhile I'll send in a letter to the editor for one of the various magazines I subscribe to. Usually they don't get published because I bash on how everyone likes American Idol, or something unpopular like that. Imagine my surprise when at the end of last week I received an email from Time Magazine mentioning my recent letter was going to be published. I couldn't locate the original at the time, but I knew it had something to do with gaming.

Here's what they published:

Aiming for New Gamers

"A Game for All Ages" [May 15] reported that Nintendo hopes its new game controller, which senses a player's hand movements, will appeal to girls and grandparents. As a female gamer who has been playing video games since the days of Pac-Man, I am always amused by game companies that feel the need to target female gamers. Not one of the games aimed at girls has appealed to me. You know what I want in a game? How about realistic female characters instead of bouncy, skinny, half-naked ones? I've given up playing female characters in any game because of how they look. Does anyone really believe female warriors ran around wearing little more than a metal brassiere? If Nintendo is serious about wanting to reach the female audience, it should treat us with some respect. We like questing too!


They definitely changed a few things, and made it look like I was commenting on Nintendo's new controller, which I absolutely wasn't. I can't find the original I sent since I didn't send it from my main email account, but either I used the word "skanky" and they took it out, or maybe I censored myself. I definitely know I used the term MMORPG someplace, and that's what I was referring too, since now my last sentence doesn't make a whole lot of sense without it (and the letter is out of context) but hey, I'm still published.

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What Kind of American English do you Speak?

The types of quizzes you can find on the Internet amuse me sometimes, but this one was pretty accurate. Based on a few questions, it judges what kind of American English you speak, and I'm not totally surprised at the results, given that I'm from Michigan and have lived in California for 11 years.

Your Linguistic Profile::

50% General American English
25% Upper Midwestern
20% Yankee
0% Dixie
0% Midwestern
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Herding Ducks

On the way home from work, after picking up the dogs, we were driving on Tasman, and suddenly Leif said, "what's that?" I looked, and crossing the road was a mother duck and her 9 ducklings. We were the only car on that strip of road (2 lanes going east), so I told Leif to let me out of the car since I didn't want them to get hit. He stopped, and I tried to chase the ducks off the road. Stupid ducks ran towards the light rail tracks, but turned around after the little ducklings couldn't get up the curb. By this time other cars had come and could see what was happening, and the ducks decided the middle of the road was a good place to lie down. Some idiot on his cell phone decided to pull into the other lane and narrowly missed hitting the poor little things, but fortunately the person behind him saw the ducks and stopped.

I was being extremely careful since I didn't want to get hit either, but finally I was able to run up to them suddenly (once the smart person had seen them and stopped her car, allowing me to do so) and scare them back towards the office building - away from light rail. The poor little ducklings were peeping since they were too small to get back up on the curb, so I had to scoop them up to help them. Mother and children scooted safely away and traffic continued as normal.

What they were doing out there who knows, but at least I was able to walk away knowing I had helped creatures in need.

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Overheard Outside of a Sharks Game

Too amusing to not share. We were leaving the Shark Tank after the 5-2 win over the Oilers, and were walking through the parking lot. In front of us were 2 dads, and slightly behind them, but still in front of us were their 2 kids, about ages 6 or 7, who were messing around in the parking lot.

One of the dads finally noticed the kids were playing in the parking lot, and grabbed his arm.

Dad: Haven't I told you before not to play in the parking lot?
Kid: We weren't playing!
Dad: What are you smoking?

I'm so using that when we have kids...


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