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Dear US Bank, my Son is 2...

Peter got his 3rd letter today from the local US Bank mentioning he could get an amazing offer on a home equity line of credit.  I'm not entirely sure what mailing list they bought which would have his name on it, but this is the letter going back to them.  I'm going to have him draw on it in crayon before I send it.

"My name is Peter, and I’m 2 years old.  I got a letter from you about your amazing offer for your home equity line of credit.   I wait in a line at school when I have to go inside from playing on the slide.  Is a line of credit like that? I already live in a house owned by my Mommy and Daddy. I keep my Thomas trains in it, my Lightning Mcqueen cars, and my other toys.  Mommy says that you buy mailing lists from different companies and that maybe you should check a birthdate before sending out mail.  Is a birthdate like a birthday? I’ll be 3 on my next birthday and I want a party at the zoo. Mommy says to have you remove my name from your mailing list."

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Funny Noise Boy

Peter figured out the other day he can make funny spitting noises with his mouth. At first he'd just do it once in awhile, but yesterday he started doing it in large sequences. Fortunately because of that, I was able to get decent video of him.

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Fark hits the Big Time On Jeopardy

My absolute favorite website where I get all my news each day is People submit stories with funny headlines - the whole site is moderated so not everything gets, what they call, the "green light" to go out to the general public.

Apparently one of the Jeopardy writers is a huge Fark fan, so recently there was a whole category of Fark headlines. Video is here.

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The Sedin Twins

The Sedin BrothersI know I'm an Avalanche fan, but I still have a thing for Henrik and Daniel Sedin of Vancouver. It's not just the fact that they're Swedish, but they're twins! (yes people, there can be male Swedish twins too). It's a lot of fun to watch them play on the ice because they just can completely anticipate what each other is doing. I almost feel bad for the center who plays with them, unless it's Markus Naslund because he's Swedish too. Not only are they identical, but they grew identical goatees, just to make it difficult to tell them apart.

Between periods of the game today, Altitude did a little profile on the Sedin twins because of their commercial. I was wondering if they ever switched jerseys or anything dumb like that because they were twins. Henrik told a story about one time when he was kicked out of the face off circle, skated over to where Daniel was.....and just skated back. The referee didn't bother to look at the jersey numbers, so he ended up taking the face off anyways. Good story. :)

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Weird Al - White and Nerdy

I just can't stop watching this video. Weird Al, the master of parody, is releasing another new album on Tuesday. This week he released the video for White and Nerdy, a parody of Chamillionaire's song "Ridin' Dirty". I haven't stopped laughing in 2 days - Leif and I are just watching it over and over. I guess that means we ARE white and nerdy?

Cool too is that someone already created a Wikipedia entry for White and Nerdy which talks about all the little subtle things in the video.


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