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One Republic, Spongebob, and Others

I see I've been lax the last few days posting my photo a day here, so while I had a few minutes, I thought I'd catch up.

First and foremost though, my photo for today is of One Republic. I'm planning on doing a dedicated post on that event once I've had a chance to go through all of the photos I took, but I was lucky enough to not only see them at Denver Big Air, but also be right in the front so I could get some good pics.  Shooting concert photography is really really hard, and I'd like to thank Alan Hess for giving me a few pointers beforehand so I at least at a chance of getting some good shots!

Like I said, I'm going to do a dedicated post about it, and I haven't gone through all my photos, but this one caught my eye. Even though the lighting is kind of weird on his face, I really like the action I captured with this one.  

Blasting it on keyboard during Apologize

Yesterday I chose Spongebob as my photo.  The Random Acts of Photography meetup I'm a member of does a monthly photo assignment. This month, the theme was music, but it had the added bonus of no post-processing allowed - everything had to be straight out of the camera.  Hard for me, but I did it. Shot on a white background, metered the light, and set a custom white balance.

Spongebob Bangs it Out

Tuesday was Peter and his Hot Wheels track. Randy got it for him for Christmas, and I had my doubts about it, since it said "7+" on the package.  We unpacked it, set it up, showed Peter a couple of times how to put the car on the track, and the fact that you had to push it a little bit to get it going, and that was it!  Now he always wants to play cars, and always plays cars with the track.  He loves to line up all the cars first, and take the next one in line if one falls off the track.

Loving his Hot Wheels track

Lastly, Monday was Arby's day, and the absolute best thing Arby's has on their menu, are the Chocolate Turnovers.  That's all that needs to be said about that.

Best Dessert

Last Christmas...I Gave You My Heart

For me it's just not the holidays unless I hear "Last Christmas" by Wham on the radio.  Last year I think I hit an all new record for the number of times I heard it, and I don't even listen to the all-Christmas stations - I hit them as I flip by them on my radio presets.  This year with several stations starting their Christmas music around Halloween, I thought I'd top that record, so imagine my surprise when last week was the first time I heard that song.  Granted, not only did I hear it twice in a 5 minute period, but the first one was driving in the car, and the country remake came on.  5 minutes later when I pulled into the Quiznos parking lot and went inside to get a sandwich, I heard the Wham version playing on their speaker.


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Weird Al - White and Nerdy

I just can't stop watching this video. Weird Al, the master of parody, is releasing another new album on Tuesday. This week he released the video for White and Nerdy, a parody of Chamillionaire's song "Ridin' Dirty". I haven't stopped laughing in 2 days - Leif and I are just watching it over and over. I guess that means we ARE white and nerdy?

Cool too is that someone already created a Wikipedia entry for White and Nerdy which talks about all the little subtle things in the video.


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