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Time to Dive Again!

Practicing the Front Two Knuckle PunchRight after we got back from the Bahamas last year, I found out I was pregnant. Immediately I checked to see if it was possible to go scuba diving while pregnant. DAN said since no studies had been done on it (since nobody would obviously volunteer), they didn't know the effects of decompression or anything on a fetus, so they recommended against it. So there went my diving.

Fast forward to mid-December 2008. Peter is about a month old, and I get a call from our friend Randy announcing that he's planned the Coral Reef Scuba spring dive trip to Cozumel. I wistfully think about how cool it would be for us to be able to go, and even briefly look into the 3 of us going before I realize it'd be a pain in the butt. I wish him a good trip, and to have fun for us.

A couple weeks later, Leif volunteers to watch Peter so I can go on the trip. I tell him I can't let him do that since I'm a mom now, and my priorities have to be different. As I have the absolute best husband in the world, he insisted I go saying that he got to go to Moab while I was pregnant, and now it was my turn. I realize a week would be just slightly too long at this point, but I'm able to go half the week, from Wednesday-Sunday.

I just got back from the trip a few days ago, and am so glad I went. It wasn't just being able to dive, or being with people I knew, it was the fact that I could just unwind and relax for the first time in probably about a year. Did I miss Peter a lot? Immensely. Did I almost not go because I'd miss him too much? Yes, but I'm extremely glad I did. Basically it was just the right group of people that I knew (and the ones that I got to meet) which worked perfectly.

Wednesday I arrived just in time to catch the group as they got off the dive boat, so I had lunch with everyone, then did a shore dive that afternoon. Dinner was at La Mission, and I had Surf and Turf (mmmmm....fresh lobster).

Thursday morning I did 1 dive and then had sinus problems on the second dive, but no matter - I got to sit on the boat in the sun, and even saw a bunch of dolphins off the side of the boat. In the afternoon I got to help someone with their Rescue Diver class, and then we all went to dinner at Pepes. Not only did I have fresh lobster, but I had fresh "made at the table" caesar salad, and not just that, but they made the dressing at the table as well.

Friday I did all 3 dives for the day, and we had dinner at Primas. Fresh lobster again for dinner!

Saturday was a free day, but in the morning I did a shore dive with Scott, read my book on the beach after lunch, had a big group dinner at Hotel Cozumel (food was edible I suppose), and then went to Senor Frogs and hung out there for awhile. I really had no plans to dance (some people were dancing, and some weren't), but first they played "You Shook Me (All Night Long)", and then "Pour Some Sugar on Me", so I was hooked after that.

And Sunday we left!

It was great to dive again, just like riding a bike, and it honestly felt like I hadn't been away. I'm really glad I was able to go on the trip.

Nurse Shark

Relaxing after a shore dive under a palm tree

Group photo

Curacao Trip

We've been so insanely busy the last few months, it's not even funny, and I've been meaning to write this post since then :). At the end of September, we took a trip to Curacao for the Colorado Scuba Bash (our scuba shop of choice, as always, is Coral Reef Scuba and Travel)

. The trip was a blast - I can't believe all the cool stuff we saw. We stayed at the Habitat Curacao which has 24x7 diving available. The dive shop itself is open all day, but there's a tank room, where they always leave tanks of Nitrox or air for you to take. Once you get a tank, you literally just walk down to the dive dock, and jump in - it's about a 5 minute swim out to where the reef starts. Leif and I both agreed that our best dives were the shore dives, and we even did 2 night dives with the group as well. We saw a lot of different Moray Eels, Parrotfish, Scorpianfish, Red Hind, several Octopii, and some people in our group even saw squid! I have a bunch of pictures on Flickr in my Curacao set, but here's a few to tide you over.

The grumpy old man.

Michelle and Leif
Me and Leif hanging out under the sea. Photo taken by Randy Partch.

Juvenile French Angelfish
Juvenile French Angelfish


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