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First Photo I Uploaded to Flickr

I've been using Flickr for a few years, I know it was before they got bought by Yahoo, so I'm guessing 2004-2005 timeframe. I looked today to find the very first photo I uploaded to Flickr:


Of course it was a photo of Loki, our black lab. The photo was taken in July 2004, and thinking back to that timeframe is interesting. We lived in Half Moon Bay, CA. I was still the computer lab person at Hoover School. We had 2 dogs only, Loki and Odin who were both 4 years old (we had no idea Loki was going to get cancer). We weren't even thinking about having kids. Leif had only been at Yahoo for maybe a year. I believe we were still playing ice hockey at this point at Ice Oasis, but not sure. I do know for sure we didn't start doing the 11pm pickup games yet since those didn't start until we moved to Santa Clara. I didn't know anything about karate, real photography, and had no desire to move out of California.

It's amazing what changes in a matter of years...

Loki and Thor

Thor has definitely taken to Loki for everything related to playing. They're really funny to watch in the backyard. Loki retrieves the ball, brings it back and drops it at my feet. In that split second, Thor casually saunters over, takes the ball, and casually walks away. Loki starts barking at me because he wants me to throw it, so I point out to him that Thor now has it. Loki runs over to Thor and tries to get the ball from him, but since Thor is so small, he can turn in extremely tight circles. The first time he did this we couldn't stop laughing, but I finally brought out the camera and took some video

Loki and Thor Playing Like Maniacs

I decided to test out the video option on my camera, and took a decent video of Loki playing with Thor. Although it did take Loki a couple days to get over his "these are MY people" complex, he and Thor are now best buddies. Thor really enjoys the roughhousing with Loki, and then he goes over to Odin, plays nicely with him for a few minutes, and curls up next to him to sleep.

New Puppy

This is Thor:

Thor at 8 1/2 weeks

As of yesterday, he turned 9 weeks old. We picked him up last week, the day after we got back from Cozumel from Merriman Labradors (Carolyn and George are great btw). Leif for some reason insisted on getting another dog, even though we already have 2. He did make a good point - Loki and Odin are getting old-ish (they'll be 8 this year), and he wants to get another one while they can still play with him. However, there's a few things new puppies do which I really didn't miss. 1) they can't sleep through the night. Around 3:30am he has to go out, and around 6:30am. 2) they chew on EVERYTHING. 3) they're not housebroken.

However, even with all of that said, they're really cute.

When they sleep....
Puppies are cute when they sleep like this

When they play...
Thor tries to play with Loki

And when they snuggle up next to their big brothers...
Odin sleeps with his new little friend


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