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Crazy Swede in the Snow

Being from Sweden, Leif seems to be able to handle cold much better than most people.  Even in the winter, I rarely see him wear pants unless we have to go out someplace or it's below 0.  He rarely even wears a jacket, insisting he's fine in a sweatshirt.  This is also the same guy who constantly complains the bedroom is a sauna, even if the window is open in the winter. I'll add as well, that when he's gone on a business trip and it's just me and the dogs in the bed (the dogs only sleep in the bed when he's gone), and I have the winter closed, it's perfectly comfortable, so I'm guessing he just radiates a lot of heat.

The funniest thing though I see him do every winter is shovel the driveway while wearing shorts and sneakers.  It just feels wrong.

Shoveling snow in shorts and sneakers

So You Had a Good Day

Today was my birthday (yeah yeah, I've heard all the "wow, what a birthday" comments), and the only thing we had planned was for Leif to make me dinner tonight. Well, I did go see Avenue Q last night with neighbor Cathy which was a good time. Second time I've seen it, and first for her, so it was a lot of fun to go with someone who was a newbie at it!

Anyways, I'm working at my computer during the afternoon, and suddenly my Adium (IM) window goes bezerk. Half my buddies on my buddy list are flashing saying they have new messages for me, and I notice all these tabs start appearing in my main window. At first I thought something was down at work that was really important that I didn't know about, but it became evident after looking at the tabs, that it was all people wishing me a happy birthday. Leif meanwhile is in the kitchen laughing hysterically.

Apparently I have the best husband who gets uber style points and originality for this one. Early this morning he IM'ed people (lots of people) and told them to wish me a happy birthday at 2pm. Then he emailed some people and told them to email me at 2pm. Then he sent texts to some people and told them to text me at 2pm. Even after that initial deluge, I was still getting emails and IMs at 6pm from people who had been in all day meetings. I even got stuff from people I hadn't talked to in months, so that was really really cool. AND, some of those people had told other people I knew which he hadn't contacted (because he didn't know I knew them), so I got IMs from THEM too!

Having a dorky smile on your face for the rest of the day is just great. :)

Leify, you're the bestest!! And to show how bestest he is, here's his 1984 yearbook photo:

Leif's 1984 Yearbook Photo

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