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Black Dog in the Snow

You know I'll be the first to admit that even though I'm learning a lot about photography, there's still a ton I don't know.  For every little extra tidbit I learn about, I feel as though there's a hundred other things I don't know, and didn't even know about until learning that first thing.

The one recently I'm still trying to figure out is taking photos of black dogs in the snow.  Normally when you take a photo, the camera will meter for light off of your subject.  Well in this case, it's metering the light off of a black dog, so I'm not getting as fast a shutter speed as I should/could be getting.  More research will need to be done on this.  I did end up over-exposing by about a half a stop, which seemed to work pretty well.

Today's photo is of my psycho puppy, Thor.  He's 3, but definitely still a puppy, and runs around like a maniac outside. Sometimes he'll race around the backyard doing full laps before coming back to you. I've come close to having him body check me while doing that as well, and I really would prefer him to not take out my knees.

Thor playing in the snow

The only big problem with playing fetch with him is that he'd prefer to play "keep-a-way".  Not just with Loki or Odin, but with whomever is trying to throw the ball for him. He'll bring it back to you fine, but when you go to reach for it, and try to get him to drop it, he'll race away.  Makes for an annoying game, but he likes getting chased, so I guess it's fun for him.

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HDR at the Railroad Museum

Yesterday was actually reasonably nice out (sunny, although still about 35 degrees), so I decided to take a trek over to the Railroad Museum to practice my HDR with the Promote.  Several benefits came to mind. 

  1. Peter was at daycare
  2. We have a membership
  3. It's 5 minutes from the house
  4. No problems with bringing in tripods or anything (I called to doublecheck)

I was only there for an hour, but got a bunch of decent brackets. This is one of my favorites. It's one of the last ones I took (it's the first engine you see when you go outside at the museum, and I started at the back this time), but I was very pleased with how it looked once I pulled it into Photomatix, and I only had to do minor touchup after that in PhotoTools.

HDR at the Railroad museum

According to Wikipedia, this train is the : "ex-Denver and Rio Grande Western RR No. 683, a coal burning 2-8-0 consolidation built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1890, builders number 11207. It is the only surviving standard gauge steam locomotive from the Denver & Rio Grande Western RR."

Jan 1 and 2 Photos

I'm going to give the whole "photo a day" thing a try again.  I tried doing this a couple of years ago, and failed miserably.  I think I made it to March or April, but even in that time period I had gaps.  But with my new photography habit, I'm more than willing to try it again, and hopefully can get some of my photography friends to do it as well so I have a motivation partner.

In any case, I also figured the photos don't have to be awesomely perfect, but I can't just take a random photo of say, my scanner (although I will have to add in technology photos this year, so maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea).

To start off, the photo from January 1:

Whipped Cream face

On New Year's Day, my friend Marie was in from Canada (or as we like to tease her: "Ca-nay-dee-ya"), and came over for dinner along with Randy.  Leif made Spaghetti A La Bacon (he's still a better cook than I am), salad, and for dessert we had Cream Puffs from the store. Peter decided he really liked the whipped cream.  This is of his own doing, and his infamous "cheese" face whenever someone takes his photo now.

January 2:

Speeding down the hallway

A few months ago, Leif told me he wanted to get Peter a Balance Bike. My initial reaction was "hell no, he's too young," but I promised to read up on it.  The Strider got amazing reviews, so I relented.  We didn't want to bring it up to the cabin, so we waited until the weekend to open it.  Who would've known he'd take right to it, and although he still needs work, he was speeding down the hallway in no time.

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