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Cabins in the Mountains - Pseudo-HDR

While out sledding in Granby the other day, I decided to take a quick click of some of the cabins since I liked how they were sitting all in a row.  At that moment, I wished I had my tripod out so I could do a proper HDR photo, but after downloading the photos and looking at what I had, I decided to try the pseudo-HDR ability in Photomatix by using only the one image.  Honestly, it turned out decently in Photomatix, but turned out even more decently once I pulled it into PhotoTools and did some more adjustments. Granted, this isn't the true definition of HDR (hence why it's called pseudo-HDR), but sometimes it actually comes out nicely.

Mountain cabins

HDR at the Railroad Museum

Yesterday was actually reasonably nice out (sunny, although still about 35 degrees), so I decided to take a trek over to the Railroad Museum to practice my HDR with the Promote.  Several benefits came to mind. 

  1. Peter was at daycare
  2. We have a membership
  3. It's 5 minutes from the house
  4. No problems with bringing in tripods or anything (I called to doublecheck)

I was only there for an hour, but got a bunch of decent brackets. This is one of my favorites. It's one of the last ones I took (it's the first engine you see when you go outside at the museum, and I started at the back this time), but I was very pleased with how it looked once I pulled it into Photomatix, and I only had to do minor touchup after that in PhotoTools.

HDR at the Railroad museum

According to Wikipedia, this train is the : "ex-Denver and Rio Grande Western RR No. 683, a coal burning 2-8-0 consolidation built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1890, builders number 11207. It is the only surviving standard gauge steam locomotive from the Denver & Rio Grande Western RR."


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