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Our Very Own Sled Run

Although there's very little snow left in the Denver metro area, the same doesn't hold true for Granby.  There's a significant amount of snow there, which makes for some fun winter activities.

A couple of weeks ago when we were at the cabin for 10 days, we discovered our neighbors next door (whom we get along with really well) had not only taken their 3 year old grandson sledding in the backyard, but they had actually built a sled run, complete with walls.  Over the course of that 10 day period, we helped them build it up more, get it further, and pack it down.  It made for a very fast, and very fun sled run, not just for Peter, but for us as well.

Over the weekend we were up there again, and although there had been new snow, it took some minor digging from Leif to make it a good sled run again.  We took turns on the sled with Peter.  You do have to steer during the first part of the run, but the last part is a nice straightaway, so you can just go all out if you want.  I brought the camera out to get some photos.  Minor blurring done in FocalPoint after the fact.



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