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Toddler Program at the Zoo

The Denver Zoo has become one of our favorite places. Honestly, I'd never been there before we had Peter, but once you have a kid, you look for cool things to do with them. He loved the zoo immediately, so we go at least once a month or so, and the older he gets, the more excited he gets about seeing the animals.

They have various kid's programs as well, one of which is called Tot Trekkers.  They have different themes every few weeks, and the class is for kids 2-3 (and their parents, no other kids or infants allowed), and last an hour. We'd never done one of these before, so figured now was a good time. The theme was "Creatures in Blue", and highlighted birds, peacocks, a lizard, and a few other animals.  At first, Peter didn't really like it since it was a lot of talking, but he got to play with Play-doh, see a toucan, touch a lizard, and do an art project, so all in all, I think it was successful for him.  All of the other kids were closer to 3, but he was the most talky. :)  He, of course, wanted to see the lion when the class was over.  Note to all: wintertime is a great time for the zoo because not only is it not crowded, but all the animals were outside. Even the hippo was walking around!

I didn't bring my camera since I didn't want to deal with it, so I took a quick iPhone snap of Leif helping Peter with his pine cone art project.

Daddy Helping Peter with Art Project


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