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October 2005

Begging with an Ipod

Yesterday we went to pick up some Chinese takeout for dinner, and sitting on the curb by the place was a beggar. He didn't look homeless, but he looked pretty shabby and such, and he asked us for money. Leif gave him a few dollars, and it was at that point I noticed that the guy was listening to an Ipod. That begged the question as to if he was so down on his luck, how did he charge it, or put music on it? Questions we'll never know the answer to...

Bureaucracy rules!

I moved in April from Half Moon Bay to Santa Clara. Like a good citizen, as soon as I moved, I filled out one of those change-of-address forms from the DMV. In doing my part, I also checked the "change my voter's registration" box as well, thinking that would do it.


I realized yesterday that there's an election coming up and I hadn't received a voter's booklet yet. Calling the Santa Clara election people, they informed me that that little box only works if you're moving within the same county, not within different counties, and I had 4 days to postmark a new voter's registration form.

Dear DMV, please include a message on your little form letting people know that the little box pretty much doesn't do anything unless you move in the same county so people like me don't have to wait until the very last minute to register to vote when we could've done it months ago had we known. Thank you.

Flood Reporting Staged by the Today Show

I love stuff like this. Katie Couric was reporting on the Bush press conference where the soldiers in Iraq were coached on what to say. Next she cuts to her Today Show correspondent in New Jersey to talk about the flooding. The correspondent is in a canoe, and it looks like the water is really deep. 5 seconds into the report, 2 guys walk by in what's really shallow water. Video is here, note that she was made fun of at the end of the report, so skip to the end after seeing the "holy men" walking on water.

Let's Go Sharks!

Well, hockey is back in a major way. Apparently 98% of all the opening games across the entire league were sold out (saw some stat on somewhere). We managed to get tickets to the Sharks opener against the Blue Jackets the other day, and I've never felt or seen so much crowd energy at a hockey game ever. It was better than the playoffs. :) The goals were amazing - the Sharks won 4-1. Marc Denis, the Blue Jackets goalie was giving up a ton of rebounds, and at least 2 of the Sharks goals were touched by no less than 4 Sharks players (everyone but Nabokov and 1 defensemen).

After that game, we decided to spring for season tickets, and surprising managed to get blue line seats still, albeit in the upper level. Let's go Sharks!