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March 2006

Tom Cruise at Yahoo

Tom Cruise @ YahooAs part of the Yahoo influential speakers series (past speakers included Tom Brokaw and the Governator), Tom Cruise came today to have a "fireside chat" with everyone. The event was supposed to start at 10:30am, with doors opening at 10. When we arrived at work at 9:15, the lines to get in were already getting long (the people at the front of the line had arrived at 7am), so we bit the bullet and decided to wait the 45 minutes outside. Fortunately we stood with people we knew, and for once it wasn't raining so it wasn't all bad.

At 10 we all rushed in to get seats - we ended up getting seats on the side, and about halfway back so it could've been worse. 10:30 came and went. At 11 we were told he had "just landed". At 11:30, Terry came on stage to entertain us (by making jokes about lost productivity), and show us a little Tom Cruise montage video. Apparently Tom had flown himself in his own P51 Mustang, and because of the cloudy weather, the airport hadn't let him land on time. By noon he showed up to loud cheers and hurrahs, and sat with Terry on stage for about an hour, entertaining the crowd with stories, antics, and smiles. Katie Holmes was with him as well and sat with all the execs.

It was definitely cool to see him in person - very personable and charismatic, and of course he has that charming smile. He stayed away from hotbed topics which was a good idea.

Overheard Outside of a Sharks Game

Too amusing to not share. We were leaving the Shark Tank after the 5-2 win over the Oilers, and were walking through the parking lot. In front of us were 2 dads, and slightly behind them, but still in front of us were their 2 kids, about ages 6 or 7, who were messing around in the parking lot.

One of the dads finally noticed the kids were playing in the parking lot, and grabbed his arm.

Dad: Haven't I told you before not to play in the parking lot?
Kid: We weren't playing!
Dad: What are you smoking?

I'm so using that when we have kids...

Have a Nice Day!

Out of all the bands and music I've ever enjoyed in my life, the band I've probably listened to the longest who still puts out good rockin' music is Bon Jovi. I dunno, ever since I was a teenager and started listening to 80's hairbands like Europe, Def Leppard, and Jovi, I've just enjoyed good music that puts a smile on your face. The one thing I really like about Bon Jovi is that their music has aged as they have and their new stuff is still fantastic.

I had bought tickets to their San Jose concert months ago, with the promise to Leif that he didn't have to go if I could find someone to go with. Funny thing though, none of the people I asked wanted to go, except for Debbie, but she already had a committment for that night and wasn't able to get away. So I had 2 choices. 1) Take Leif with me, and he would go because I wanted him to, and have him be bored most of the time, or 2) Go myself. I chose option 2 because I don't want to be "one of those wives", with the deal that since we live so close to the Shark Tank he had to drop me off and pick me up.

I timed it perfectly on that windy day, so I sat in my seat right when the opening act left the stage, so only had to sit around for 25 minutes waiting for the main band. In the meantime, I was amused by looking at the on-stage monitor's because they had a text messaging ID up there, and you could send a text-message and have it scroll across the on-stage monitor. Too dorky, but I was amused by what some of the people wrote.

Finally they came on the stage. This marked the 3rd time I've seen them in concert, and they're still one of my favorites to see live (the other is Weird Al - he puts in a sweet show). They played for 2 1/2 hours and I easily could have listened to them for longer. A mix of old stuff (Runaway) and new stuff (Have a Nice Day) was played to make it a damn good show. The Shark Tank is a great place to see a concert since there's not really a bad seat. I was right across from the stage, 2nd level, row 1 so had no one in front of me, and could sit down when I felt like and stand up when I felt like it.

Overheard from 2 women who didn't know each other behind me:

Woman 1: Is there anyone hotter than him?
Woman 2: No, he's the hottest!
(insert high pitched scream here)