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Ah-nold at Yahoooooooooo!

ArnoldSo The Governator showed up at Yahoo on Monday as part of the Influential Speakers series. I definitely see his points on a lot of issues, but I think a lot of his wording is kind of wrong. For instance I'll point out his stance on teachers. He lumps teachers in a special interest group, and basically blames them for what's wrong with education. After listening to him speak, it was clear he had some coaching as to that matter, and blamed the right people - the district administration. I'm actually starting to lean more towards his education stance because a lot of what he says is true. I've been laid off like 3 times in my tech jobs, and there's no such thing as tenure. I do know teachers who have tenure who are absolutely fantastic teachers, but I also know teachers who have tenure who just plain suck who know they're untouchable. And honestly, I've never understood why the union took $70 per teacher out of every single paycheck. Even when they were trying to negotiate for higher salaries, I still never got it.

But the crux of the matter is, the district administration is where change needs to happen first.

A good writeup of Arnold's speech is over at Jeremy Zawodny's blog.

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