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Crazy Swede in the Snow

Being from Sweden, Leif seems to be able to handle cold much better than most people.  Even in the winter, I rarely see him wear pants unless we have to go out someplace or it's below 0.  He rarely even wears a jacket, insisting he's fine in a sweatshirt.  This is also the same guy who constantly complains the bedroom is a sauna, even if the window is open in the winter. I'll add as well, that when he's gone on a business trip and it's just me and the dogs in the bed (the dogs only sleep in the bed when he's gone), and I have the winter closed, it's perfectly comfortable, so I'm guessing he just radiates a lot of heat.

The funniest thing though I see him do every winter is shovel the driveway while wearing shorts and sneakers.  It just feels wrong.

Shoveling snow in shorts and sneakers