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Sweden vs. Finland - Ice Hockey Finals!

I didn't think it was possible, but we've watched a ton of men's Olympic ice hockey game. It all started during the first preliminary game where we watched Sweden beat Kazakhstan, 7-2. That game was on live at 2:30am our time, and of course we couldn't Tivo it, so we watched it live! We made it until 4, then went back to sleep, got up later to go to work, and realized that we didn't miss anything in the 3rd period anyways.

After that, it started...we watched all the Swedish games, all of the US games, and what went on at work, I found a streaming audio stream for. How odd it was to listen to a game at work and get really intently into it, and take off your headphones, heart racing, only to find the work environment exactly as you left it... quiet.

This morning at 7:30 was the semi-final game between Sweden and the Czech Republic. The Czechs never had a chance. Final score, Sweden 7, Czech Republic 3. Russia lost in a 0-4 shutout to Finland later in the day, setting up the gold medal game for Sunday as Finland vs. Sweden.

My pick: I really really want Sweden to take the gold in this one. I really really do. I've become a big Swedish hockey fan through Leif obviously, and Peter Forsberg is easily the best hockey player in the world right now. However Finland has a fantastic team. They are undefeated through 5 preliminary round games, and 2 playoff games, only letting 5 goals total in (2 from the Czech Republic, and 3 from the US). Unless Sweden is really on their game (which they could be), I'm calling Finland on this one.

I do believe Sweden can pull it off. Having Mats Sundin on the line with Forsberg is great, and then you have the Sedin brothers (Daniel and Henrik) on another line who play so amazingly well together. Henrik Lundqvist has been playing amazing in goal as well. If they can get their act together, play as well as they played this morning, and keep the pace throughout the game, they have a chance to beat the Finns.