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Michelle's New Mugen

With our weekend days spent at the RC track, Leif was getting increasingly frustrated because I always wanted to drive his car. My mini LST batteries didn't last that long, he never could get the LST2 to work properly, so that left his buggy. We took turns driving it, but obviously that wasn't a good solution, so he hit upon the bright idea to just build me another one!

Working on the car

So it was a project we started working on together. The directions were in Japanese translated to English, and I think the translators just didn't get the concept. It would point to a part and then list "Bag F" as the place to find the part. Well huh, Bag F doesn't even exist on the parts list, and it would turn out to be in Bag J. I think it took us roughly about 3 days on and off to finish the car, but we eventually did! The problem with that was that I still wasn't able to drive it immediately since I was going to some scrapbooking things for 2 weekends in a row, and then we flew to Denver for Memorial Day weekend. While I was at the scrapbook things, Leif broke in the engine so at least I didn't have to do that, and finally on Memorial Day, I was able to drive it. It was everything I hoped it would be - fast, sleek, and I didn't break it.

Check out Leif's amazing paint job - before I drove it through the dirt and mud!