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Library of Memories

I've been taking the Library of Memories class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking recently, taught by Stacy Julian. We're at the end of week 3, and it's definitely a whole new way of thinking about how to organize my photos for scrapbooking. I've had to go through my photos, sort them *all* chronologically, put them in easy-to-pull-out albums, pull photos for categories from the ones I just sorted, find random connections between photos that otherwise didn't exist, and finally go through all my existing scrapbooking layouts and determine what type they are from an existing list given to us. Phew. All in 3 weeks.

I'm having a blast so far though since I've seen some photos I completely forgot I had. My parasailing pictures from the one time when I went. I called my parents after the fact. Pictures of Leif dyeing his hair blue and then getting a call the same day saying he had to go meet a client for work RIGHT NOW.

Besides that, I finished reading The Dam Book, and have decided to rename and reorganize all my digital photos using that method. Oh I can still do my Library of Memories stuff, but first I have to rename all the digital pictures, then sort them by year, and then I can bring them into a program like Bridge and start tagging them. This is going to take months, but I feel like I definitely have a process for this.


If you have Microsoft Windows on your computer then renaming your photos will be a sinch!! I just looked into this last week as a search on google to find a simple way to organize digitals and this popped up. Sorting each photo into a category will take a little time, but renaming them once folders are set up will get you closer to scrapping. Go to this link and click on the birthday cake picture:

or if that doesn't work follow these steps:
(under 'Resources' on the left) click on 'Using Window's XP', then arrow over to 'Digital Photography'
then click on 'Manage and Back Up Your Photos' then the birthday cake.

Hope this helps!

Do you like this class? Do you think it's worth the money??

I definitely think the class is worth the money. It's such a different way of scrapbooking, and a lot of it makes sense, it's just trying to wrap your mind around it initially. I'm really enjoying it, and have made every effort to keep up with the assignments. One thing to note about it is that there are extra costs in supplies, but I would highly recommend taking this class when it's offered again in January.