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Almost There...

It's just been insane lately. We're real close to closing on our new house, so I'm really really hoping that we make it through the last 2 weeks. It's been a real long close, I think it was 50 days, which is fine with us since we're not moving until August, but darn it, I just want the house to be ours! We've barely started packing - gotten boxes (Costco has a great moving kit which comes with a whole bunch of boxes), packing material, mirror boxes, styrofoam for the picture corners, and a whole lot of tape. I honestly think the worst part of moving for me is the packing. Just trying to figure out if you've packed the fragile stuff securely enough. At least we got our moving company figured out, although I'm still waiting for the Fed Ex I was promised on Thursday containing the official quote and info, instead of just an email.

Leif's niece is coming tomorrow so we're pretty excited about that. 7 months ago I got the bright idea that if she was doing real well in school, and doing real well in English that maybe she'd like to go to an American summer camp. The excitement that generated was unbelievable, and Leif found a fantastic camp. She's staying with us for a week, then we're driving her up, she's at camp for 2 weeks, then we're picking her up, with us for another 5 days, and then 5 days after she leaves we're moving. Whew.

I'm actually extra excited because I'm tired of hearing from friends "oh my nephew is staying with us," or "my brother is in town." My brother is a complete self-centered selfish bastard who refuses to come visit. I'll save that rant for another post though since that'll take up a lot of space, needless to say, it's just cool that she's flying on her own from Sweden and staying with us. I've figured out some stuff to entertain her with that she hasn't done out here before (this will be her 3rd visit, but the first without her mom) - Great America, Jelly Belly factory, the Kelly Clarkson concert, Great Mall...and oh yeah, she can help me pack.

And finally, I'm done at Yahoo as of yesterday. There's things I'll miss, and things I won't, but overall it was a good experience.