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2 More Weeks

We're so close to moving, I can almost taste it! Although as I'm writing this, I look around and see all the crap we still have to pack up. Leif says we're "right on track", but I still don't think he realizes how much there is to do. Of course, I'm doing most of it since I'm off of work so it's easy for him to say that. :)

In any case, the last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.

I had a goodbye lunch at Yahoo.
The Viking Table!

We went to the Jelly Belly Factory.

Dropped Linnea off at camp for 2 weeks.
One of the camp horses

Closed on the house.
Front of house

Had a goodbye BBQ for us where it was 105 outside and everyone crammed into our tiny living room just to get some of the AC (except for people like Leif who didn't want to be too far from the kegs).
There's nothing like an ice cold beer in the 105 degree heat

Created a memorabilia page for my Library of Memories assignment.
Memorabilia page for Library of Memories class


Loving the Sharks layout. Ah, if only.