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Moving and Driving

I'm not sure what the worst part about moving is: the packing, or having the driver who's supposed to move your stuff come look at everything, and realize the estimator mis-estimated by at least 2000 lbs and he doesn't have enough room on his truck for everything.

Thursday morning, August 10, 7:15am. The driver, Kevin, shows up ready to roll. Within 5 minutes of walking through the house, he sees the big-screen TV and asks if that was there when the estimator was there. Leif and I looked at each other and said "yeah, she saw it". Apparently he has 3 other loads on his truck, and those people were estimated correctly, but packed like little birds were going to be carrying the boxes, so they went over their space limit. We get unlucky enough to not only be mis-estimated, but last to load, so he can tell immediately there definitely won't be enough space.

He calls our estimator, who's on vacation btw, and challenges the shipment. She comes clean about how she knew about the big screen TV, but "never writes down if it's big-screen or not, I just write down it's a TV." Kevin and I roll our eyes. He informs her to send an overflow truck out later that afternoon. She says she can get one by 9:30am the next day. I almost go ballistic at this point since we're leaving at 9am to start driving. She calls me and tells me this. I inform her that if that's the best she can do, she can pay for my last minute plane ticket to Denver while Leif drives the dogs out himself. She definitely doesn't like that idea, and calls Kevin back in 10 minutes saying an overflow truck will be there by 3:30.

I have to say that Kevin, and the 3 guys he brought with them were absolutely without a doubt the best move team I've EVER had. They not only put up with my stress about getting our stuff out of the house, but were extremely efficient, and I couldn't BELIEVE how tight they managed to pack the truck. Everytime I thought they couldn't fit any more on the truck, they played a giant game of Tetris and got more on. In the end, everything fit except for 1 box of RC stuff, everything in the backyard (bbq, lawnmower, dog-igloo, patio furniture), our china cabinet, and bar.

The overflow guys did show up at 3:30 as promised and were done by 5:30. A big hearty thank-you to the 2 guys who drove their truck out from the Modesto area to come get our stuff. The main bulk of our stuff (on Kevin's truck) will get to us apparently on Monday, and the overflow I'm not sure about yet. I think it's in a warehouse at the moving company and it goes on the next truck going towards or through the Denver area. The really important stuff is in the main shipment though.

This morning we started driving to our new house, and towards our first stop in Elko, Nevada. Pretty much an uneventful trip. Definitely the longest trip in the car I've ever done (driving from Half Moon Bay to San Diego was my previous longest). Around Reno we got really hungry and just wanted to hit a drive-through someplace since it was too hot outside to leave the dogs in the car for any length of time. Leif insisted on getting a Big Mac, he just wouldn't go anyplace else. Note to the GPS companies: please keep your points-of-interest updated -the first McDonalds we tried to go to didn't exist anymore. The second one did, but hey, it still was annoying.

We stopped for gas around then too, and when I went into the gas station to buy some water, the first thing that hit my eye were the 10 slot machines in the store there. I guess you know you've entered Nevada, huh? Also apparently fireworks are extremely legal here since we saw a ton of billboards advertising fireworks being sold. One place was a cigarette AND fireworks store.

Day 2 is tomorrow. We're supposed to hit Rawlins, WY, but may try to push through someplace further depending on our timing, how tired we are, and if any other pet friendly hotels along the way have space.

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